This was my first time using an infill filament. I brought a complete woodfill PLA roll just for printing groot (which turned out to be a mistake 😅).

meet baby groot planter

This is a amazing model I found on thingiverse by Julia. Its a planter, with not enough space for good plants. I ended up using fern/moss like plant from by backyard, that can grow with very little soil.

Settings on my Printer(Anet A8)
Layer height – 0.2000 mm
Extruder temp – 180 C
Print Speed – 60mm/s
Supports – Yes (Automatic with manual editing)
Increased Retraction distance by 0.5 mm. This is because the wood filament has less glass transition temp and results in oozing and stringing.

Print in progress

I ended up placing it on my office desk.

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