1.Benchy the Boat

This one is benchy, the most popular 3D printer test. its actually named Torture-test for printers..! Found it on Thingiverse. This is usually printed in order to check the printer calibration and tweaking things like ooze control, overheating, overhangs, bed adhesion, etc..

2.Voronoi style skull- coin holder

Well i had the white filament, its only fair if i print a skull with it..:)
And the Voronoi style is pretty amazing, it takes less material than the regular a one and look cooler too. I printed it too small for a pen holder and it ended up being a coin holder instead.

3.Calibration Cube

This is a small and simple print that can be used to test the printer for bed-level, extrusion, ghosting, dimension accuracy and many other setting.  Doesn't take much time to print. A file to keep, and will comes in handy when you upgrade/ modify the printer, or for that occasional cleaning and re-greasing .

4.Assassin's Creed Ring

Getting out the geek in my. Tried out a few assassins creed goodies, rings and also printed the hidden blade but could not get it to work properly.

5.Low Poly Ring

Tired out of a few 3D printed ornaments. Not quite the finish i was expecting. I wanted it to be perfect right out of the print, but quite some post processing is need I guess - sanding, primer coats and coloring. I did nothing.

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