This one is a simple pot with a water reserve at a side, which seeps through tiny holes at the bottom into the soil. Nothing fancy, but nice looking.

Final planter

This one is a great Planter I found on Thingiverse by QRome.

This was printed with regular white PLA. Print took about 7hr total.
Settings on my Printer(Anet A8)
Layer height - 0.1500mm.
Support - Not required.
Extruder temp - 200 °C

How's my 3D scanning skill.

After the print, got myself a good cactus. I wanted to keep this on my desk and the low sunlight had already killed my old plant, so i am not taking any chances. Cactus it is.

I also printed a small caution sign for my cactus. I wanted to put this on my office desk and you never know who will go 'nice plant' and grab it palms open. Just some legal cover will never hurt😊. This sign board is special too, its two color 3D print, and not painted. You can have a look at it here.

My minimalist desktop setup

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3D print - Baby Groot

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