It all started with a stick. I picked it up in a park, as part of hardscape for a tiny aquarium that wanted to do. Since it was a regular tree branch, I soaked it up in a jar, to remove all the sap and to see if it causes water discoloration. I had read that putting the sticks directly in aquarium will change the water parameters imbalance, killing the livestock.

The magic wand

After a week or so, there was no discoloration, but turns out there was a surprise waiting for me. SNAILS !‌‌I guess there were eggs on that stick and soaking it in water hatched them. There were more that 10-15 of them, some that had shell like concentric circles, spiral cones, oval ...

So I made a small snail aquarium of the jar itself, with some live plants, sand and of course the stick.


Green Hair Algae started growing and took over the jar. So I cleaned it for the first time and removed all the algae and made a moss ball out of it (Algae ball ?😅)

Just at Feeding time, the particles on moss ball are micro pellet food.


Snail Heart beat -

Here's a closeup shot of one of the snail, that was mostly translucent. We can see the HeartBeat / Pulse of this tiny creature. Even the tiny movement of the epithelial cilia is visible.


Snail Eggs

‌‌A few days later I saw something jelly like on one of the plants, EGGS..!‌‌  Here's development of eggs over the days 😊.


Baby Snail (right) and a few days old Snail (left)

That's all folks 🐌

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